Creating The Impossible Ad

And how it worked.

Vaginal Atrophy.

Not an easy subject to broach without making a few people uncomfortable. I walk you through the wire-framing process and the psychology behind every single word, action, and image carefully displayed to get the user where they ultimately need to go. Note: with extremely sensitive information, sometimes having the “Call to Action” displayed first is absolutely the worst tactic in the book. I explain why.

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Hit the audience with something they can immediately relate or identify with.

Painful Intercourse? It is a simply yes or no subconscious question. It is something many women experience and the reason why might surprise you.

Next - Immediately assure them they are not alone. Let’s face it, this is very personal. And an alarming 86% of women are misdiagnosed.

Then, offer them (but be vague) a solution. Painful intercourse is vague within itself and the last thing you want to do is put yourself in a box prematurely. When you say “Get Help” you wonder, well, what kind of help?

Giving them control.

Here is a great way to introduce extremely common symptoms associated with painful intercourse, which can be a result of vaginal atrophy.

After hitting them with statistics (true ones), appeal to the real epidemic that some women face. “Do not suffer silently anymore”.

Next, choose the most common and “identifiable” causes that will immediately trigger an emotional response based on something that is actually being experienced. Or, if they do not know, then give them that option too.

Note: The email is only now being first introduced as one way of contacting or providing information regarding symptoms related to vaginal atrophy. The last thing you want to do is scare them off, ask for personal information, or give them a reason to leave.

Email - Informational

Giving women the option to fill out the cause of their pain or give details as to what has been going on, is liberating. Once this email form is filled out, they receive a PDF about information related to everything under the sun they may be experiencing.

No one is asking or even suggesting they fill this out. And if they do (which they did) they received information about something they wanted and were not being sold anything.

Finally, the first actual Call to Action is Introduced. A phone number, which is immediately followed by testimonials, FDA approval, and who they would actually be speaking with if they call.


Would you feel comfortable calling an office manager? Rather, would you feel comfortable calling anyone about this?

This is why I emphasized that when you call, you speak with the doctor. She is an expert, a mother, and a doctor.

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Reviews / Credibility

Helping educate the audience. Helping them see this is a proven, safe way for treatment from people who have went through the process themselves from Dr. Russo followed by media outlets this treatment has been featured on as well.

Emotional Breakthrough

“Free yourself from pain”.

“You are not alone”

Reinforce what was stated earlier, bring back the emotional connection as to how they got here in the first place.