When does America wake up?

Since 08, almost 50% of jobs went into low-income occupations. Those jobs are now in serious jeopardy of automation. With no future for education, no upward mobility, a widening wealth gap, and no solution in sight, I find it troubling that no one is taking this as serious as they should be.

The only way to bring back education is to destroy it. You have to bring incentive to teachers and make learning competitive. It can be done and I will blog on precisely how it can be done later. But the fact remains, why hasn’t anyone claimed the throne of education? They need a platform. And those who hold the power, do not want to give up that platform. Because they are afraid of what the public just might think of who teaches better at explaining XYZ subject. And they should be.

I will give that stage to those who need it. The platform to teach and to leverage their talent for the world to see and revere. Those who fail to comply, will be forced out. The day of tenure needs to come to an end. Because this problem is bigger than just education. It is the very crux of the future of the country.

If upward mobility doesn't exist, and where you are born is statistically speaking where you stay, and the only way to "statistically" speaking make more money is go to college, how screwed do you think this country is and will be? Considering tuition has risen 1,120% since 1978. Graduation rates are 30% from 4-year schools, average student debt is now 35k per year, 25% of those who do graduate are underemployed, and future of the U.S education system is in utter shambles. S.T.E.M is considered the future of the country and we are churning out only 13% of people with a degree under that UMBRELLA category, China has triple that rate.

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