Education is out of control


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

 –Nelson Mandela (South Africa President, Activist)

Statistically speaking, education leads to higher employment and lifetime earnings.


Following the 2008 Financial Crisis, the income for the top 1% grew by over 10%; but the bottom 99%, experienced negative growth.

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This is one barrier and this alone has led to an increase in poverty. Poverty is a serious threat. But what is Poverty?

  • Those making $23,492 a year for a family of four

  • People making $11,720 for an individual are considered to be living in poverty


15 % of the entire nation lives in poverty

  • Blacks- 25% of the entire Black population live in poverty

  • Hispanics – 25% of the entire Hispanic population live in poverty

How do these groups get out? 

Where you’re born is where you stay

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Entering a top college is difficult easy, but paying is even harder. Tuition, since 1978 has risen over 1,100. The percentage that graduates hardly justifies the tuition hike.

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Textbooks had the Biggest Price Increase (38.6%) in the Past Five Years

The Tuition Price Increase is a close Second Place (32.2%)

“Long-term unemployment can make any worker progressively less employable, even after the economy strengthens.”

  • Janet Yellen (Chairman of the Federal Reserve)

After the Financial Recession most employment growth has been in low-wage occupations.

The largest job growth over the coming decade will be in low-paying occupations

          • Home Health Aides

          • Food Service Workers

          • Retail Sales

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Today’s American Educational Fact Sheet…

  • Only 30% graduate

  • 25% are unemployed

  • 28% are under-employed


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