41 million black people live in the U.S and 26% of them live in poverty (10,755)

55 million Hispanics (illegal and legal) live in the U.S and 24% of them live in poverty (13, 104) 

Poverty level.png
  • A study measuring "economic insecurity" found that 4 out of 5 (79%) of people in the US live in danger of poverty or unemployment at some point in their lifetime 
  • Defined as a year or more of periodic joblessness, reliance on government aid such as food stamps or income below 150 percent of the poverty line. 
  • Since 2008, poverty has risen by over 8 million people
  • 97.3 million Americans are low-income, having incomes below twice the federal poverty line, $47,700 for a family of four 


Education - The percentage of people who meet the college readiness standards in all four-core subjects (English, Reading, Writing, Math) 

  • 5% of blacks
  • 14% of Hispanics
  • 33% of whites 


  • Risen 1,200% since 1978 

  • College graduation rates 30% for 4 year schools
  • College graduation rates 13% for 2 year schools
  • Average student debt $29,000 and is the only form of debt in which you cannot declare bankruptcy (now it is even being tied to mortgages through families)
  • Those that do graduate, 25% of them are unemployed
    • Of the amount that do get a job, 30% of them are considered underemployed (working in retail sectors) 
    • The future of the United States is regarding as S.T.E.M and guess what are graduation rates under that umbrella category is?
        • 13% in the U.S, China has over triple that rate with 39% 

Considered the future.......