In laymen terms, if you have a product or service you sell and want to advertise, you want to make sure the customer can see precisely what it is they are looking for with little to no effort. You want them to buy, call, inquire, purchase, or learn more. Right? Having customers see the right information along with prominently featuring ways for an action to be taken is of the utmost importance. To get any ad in front of the right audience, one must know what the ideal client profile looks like. In addition, one must also know what the prospective client searches, who shows up on Google when they do, and how compelling the Call to Action button is and even more importantly, where it is located.

I write ads to appear 1st on Google. Each are tailored for specific businesses with optimized landing pages ensuring high conversions. Below, see some real ads.

Your septic blows. Who do you call? And what do you search?

Writing the Ad

Results of the Ad

The average cost of having it replaced is at least $250. 12 Verified Phone Calls through Google @ $250 = $3,000 conservatively. These calls are emergency related and ranking 1st for them is absolutely critical.