Miguel Forbes - Co-Founder of Forbes.com


In a few weeks, he accomplished what would take a company to do in months. That is not an understatement. Entering the digital world was relatively new to me and I needed to create an entire online marketing strategy from the ground up.  


I needed someone who I could trust. I needed someone who could write, articulate, communicate, and understand how to properly position blogs and articles. He was working with top notch clients and never missed a beat. A real treat and a rarity to work with someone like him. His passion shows, he never stops until the end goal is met. 


President George W. Bush - George Bush


Matthew possesses a work ethic that is unparalleled. It requires great temperament to work with different personalities under tight deadlines. Being able to execute while hitting the ground running in a foreign environment is a rare and special quality. He cares deeply about anything he touches and it shows in his work and personality. He gets the job done and goes above and beyond in the process.


Jeff Nikos - Owner, Greeley Taxi & Leros Limos


We own a limousine company servicing Westchester County. With the advance of technology and the threat of competition from companies like Uber and Lyft, we knew we had to create a unique website that enabled our core customers to stay with us. Matthew created a platform and website that satisfied the clients of Pleasantville and Chappaqua, gave us an an extremely efficient way of organizing of all scheduled pickups and drop-offs, while giving customers the convenient of scheduling them from their phone. Not only did this give our clients the autonomous ability and freedom to book with ease, it also allowed for us to gauge our headcount, assign drivers ahead of time, and send out automated text message reminders to clients prior to a scheduled pickup. The town of Chappaqua and Pleasantville are comprised of people who want and expect nothing but the best. Meeting their demands without commercializing the process or town is an extremely difficult task that Matthew met with grace and professionalism.

He nailed a rather delicate art both internally and externally. Our revenues have increased and our reliability has led to greater customer satisfaction. Without what he built, we would have had a tough time competing with Uber and Lyft, two companies that are nearly impossible to ward off. Suffice to say, we have and would not have been able to do so without the help of Matthew. P.S - His photographs of our limos and the town (s) helped create a truly unique experience. To date, he has generated us over 75,000 views across Google from photos he took.