Reform is never implemented without pressure from the popular masses

Slavery still exists. It just looks different.



What do you have to lose? How much money do you have?

Nothing will ever change unless the masses come together. You must know what you fight and more importantly, how to fight it. America has no voice, because there is no concentrated target. We are fighting ourselves, drowned in our own ignorance. They want you fighting. And they are winning. 

I. Who is the enemy? 

II. How can you protest?

III. What do you protest? 

The Taft–Hartley Act, also known as the Labor Management Relations Act of 1947, was the first step in the decades long process of dismantling the New Deal. It prohibited jurisdictional strikes, wildcat strikes, solidarity or political strikes, secondary boycotts, secondary and mass picketing, and monetary donations by unions to federal political campaigns. Closed shops were prohibited and union shops were heavily restricted. States were allowed to pass “right to work” laws that outlawed closed or union shops. The act allowed the president to block or prevent the continuation of a strike on the grounds that it would endanger national health or safety. Democrats denounced the law as s “new guarantee of industrial slavery.”
Matthew Albertell